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Kayaking is the use of a low to water canoe like boat for moving across water. It differs from Canoeing by the sitting position of the paddler and by the number of blades on the paddle. Read More….


Archery gives an opportunity to experience a skilful and challenging sport. Our experienced archery instructors will explain and demonstrate the techniques in a safe manner. Read More…..


The Waterslide is unique to Portlick Scout Campsite and it’s one of our most popular activity! Good weather or bad – there’s no limits to the fun that can be had on the Waterslide! Read More…..

Crate Stacking

The challenge is simple – catch the crate that your partner passes to you, stack it underneath you and keep it up until you reach your time limit or can’t go any higher! Read More…..

Obstacle Course Activities

Obstacle Course

Set in the forest with a mix of Ash and mature Oak trees, the Obstacle Course is at one with its surroundings. The Obstacle Course is designed to challenge people at their own pace,– so that everyone is a winner! Read More….

Field Sports

Field Sports at Portlick Scout Campsite is a great opportunity to test your skills at a variety of different sports in a fun environment! The Field Sports area is always a popular activity, and there is something here to suit everyone! Read More…..

Football Fusion

Football Fusion is an activity for up to 16 players in two teams, and is a great exercise in co-operation and team building! The game is just like a life size human version of table football – with all the same fun and excitement! Read More…..

Climbing Wall

Set at the top of a grassy hill overlooking the campsite the Climbing Wall has always been a focal point of activity!Designed for traversing as well as climbing the wall is 8 meters wide and 3 meters high. Read More…..

Obstacle Course Activities

Zip Line

Built on an incline the Zip Line at Portlick Scout Campsite uses gravity to propel the rider 3o meters down hill. At the end the rider is slowed using a controlled braking system, ensuring a more gentle stop! Read More….

Gladiator Challenge

The Gladiator Challenge is a fun balancing challenge where two competitors try to knock each other off their gladiator pole. If you can stay on longer than your opponent you’re the winner. Great fun guaranteed! Read More…..

Tag Archery

Brand New for 2019! Tag Archery is the fun alternative to traditional Archery. It can be designed to suit all ages, skill levels and team size. It’s great fun and everyone in your group is sure to love it! Read More…..

Laser Tag

Brand New for 2019! Laser Tag, in our huge 20m x 20m Inflatable Bunkers is suitable for everyone aged 6 upwards. Players, in small teams, use their lasers to tag the other teams’ sensors and score as many points as they can. Read More…..

Scouting Activities

Obstacle Course Activities


The key components of a good campfire program are Songs, Skits & Stories. These three types of entertainment can be done any place and at any time, but no place nor time is better than around a campfire at dusk.!  Read More….


Pioneering is the name given to using ropes and wooden poles joined by lashings and knots to create a structure which can be used for constructing camp gadgets or larger structures such as bridges and towers Read More…..


Bivvying is all about outdoor life! Building a shelter from natural materials is a challenge in itself, but it also prepares you for emergency survival situations! We have a number of locations suitable for Bivvying Read More…..


Orienteering is a timed race over a specially created course, using a detailed, map to select routes and navigate through diverse terrain and visit control points in sequence. The course can be adjusted for all skill levels. Read More…..

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