Building a shelter from natural materials is a challenge in itself, but it also prepares you for emergency survival situations.

Plastic sheeting and Bivvy tarps are excellent for providing shelter, but need to practice using natural materials in case of emergencies.

The design of your shelter is determined by the size of the group and the natural materials and landscape that you find yourself in.

When Bivvying there’s very little between you and the wild.!

With a mature private forest Portlick Scout Campsite is perfect for your group to sleep out under the stars in a safe secure environment.

Your shelter is not complete until you have made a bed to lie in. Dry leaves work well. Make your bed a little bigger than the space your body covers and at least eight inches thick.

Bivvying at Portlick Scout Campsite is all about being at one with nature!

Snuggle down, and watch the stars!

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his video gives you a very good idea about how to set up a lightweight Bivvy.

Setting up a Bivvy