Blue Box Activities

Blue Box Activities


Kayaking is the use of a low to water canoe like boat for moving across water. It differs from Canoeing by the sitting position of the paddler and by the number of blades on the paddle. Read More….


Archery  gives an opportunity for young people to experience a sport that is both skillful and challenging. Our experienced archery instructors will explain and demonstrate the techniques in a safe manner. Read More…..


The Waterslide is unique to Portlick Scout Campsite and it’s a BRAND NEW activity for 2017! Good weather or bad – there’s no limits to the fun that can be had on the Waterslide! Read More…..

Crate Stacking

There’s nothing else quite like Crate Stacking at Portlick Scout Campsite! The challenge is simple – catch the crate that your partner passes to you, stack it underneath you and keep it up until you can’t go any higher! Read More…..

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