Crate Stacking

Crate Stacking

Crate Stacking at Portlick Scout Campsite is a great two person team building and co-operation activity.

The challenge is simple – catch the crate that your partner passes to you, stack it underneath you and keep it up until you cann’t go any higher!

It looks easy, but it’s a lot more challenging than it looks!


Safety Harnesses & Helmets for this activity.

Crate Stacking can take up to 8 people at a time in teams of two, and is suitable for all ages!

Safety  harnesses and helmets are worn by everyone who takes part, and each two person team has their own supervisor who  is in control of the safety harness at all times.

Patience, co-operation and  determination are essential!

That moment just before the Crates fall…….. it’s just magic!

Crate Stacking is an activity the tests many different skills! Heights, Balance and Hand-Eye co-ordination!

Stack them high - Watch them fall!

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If you have the patience and a bit of good balance you’ll have a fantastic time Crate Stacking!

It’s not as easy as it looks – but it’s great fun!

Crate Stacking Fun!