Orienteering is a timed race over a specially created course, using a detailed, map to select routes and navigate through diverse terrain and visit control points in sequence.

Orienteering can be adapted for all ages so even Beaver Scouts can  take part by using a special course and later teaching them to read simple maps so that they can progress onto more complex courses.

Competitors start at staggered intervals, are individually timed, and are expected to perform all navigation skills on their own.

Being able to read a map, use a compass and make good route choices are invaluable for many other outdoor activities.

From open countryside to mature forests Portlick Scout campsite is an ideal location for your Orienteering activity.  You can design your own course with maps that we can provide or our staff can set up and run the activity for you.  This must be booked in advance.

Orienteering is an excellent activity to complete a Special Interest Badge

Scouts of all ages learn by doing in the outdoors with nature – navigating around a course that is a personal challenge to the individual at their ability level.

It's like a treasure hunt! Finding the control point is almost as exciting!

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A very nice video introduction to a great outdoor activity!

Orienteering for Beginners