Red Box Activities

Red Box Activities (Scout Groups Only)


Pioneering is the name given to using ropes and wooden poles joined by lashings and knots to create a structure. Pioneering can be used for constructing camp gadgets or larger structures such as bridges and towers. Read More….


Orienteering is a timed race over a specially created course, using a detailed, map to select routes and navigate through diverse terrain and visit control points in sequence. Read More…..


Bivvying is all about outdoor life! Building a shelter from natural materials is a challenge in itself, but it also prepares you for emergency survival situations.! Read More…..


The key components of a good campfire program are Songs, Skits & Stories. These three types of entertainment can be done any place and at any time, but no place nor time is better than around a campfire at dusk.! Read More…..

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