Zip Line

Zip Line

Built on an incline the Zip Line at Portlick Scout Campsite uses gravity to propel the rider 3o meters down hill. At the end the rider is slowed using a controlled braking system, ensuring a more gentle stop!

The rider sits on an anti-slip Button seat with soft sides which is suspended from a super-fast tandem pulley.

Zip down to the bottom –  and bring the seat back up for the next person!


Supervised to ensure safety at all times!

The Zip Line can take up to 30 people, one person at a time and is suitable for all ages!

Our trained staff are there to supervise and ensure everyone enjoys their Zip Line experience!

The feeling you get on the Zip Line makes you want to go on it again and again and again!

You can go on the Zip Line again and again – it gets better each time!

Feel the speed - love the feeling!

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